I remember Drew’s energetic style, always jumping and going crazy. I remember Wes’ little dancing, his sexy moves and the way the grabbed this micro. I remember Keaton’s shy eyes looking to the crowd, his contained moves and his too big smile. I remember everything and I didn’t thought I would. These boys suprised me so much and I am so happy they did. 

EMBLEM3. They don’t let you forget them, they got me the moment they started to sing. Their voices are so beautiful and their energy is so catching that you can’t, even for a second, stop singing or dancing. Their way of doing everything. The way they are on stage, the things they do on stage, the way they interact with the audience, all of this is just marvelous. There is no way someone did not enjoy their concert. It was just perfect.

From now on, I’m definitely going to follow their career and their music. They got me and probably all the girls in the audience that didn’t like them. I liked them before, I love them now. 

So if you’re not so sure about Emblem3, let me tell you: they deserve everything they archive in their career and much more, they deserve everything because they are one of the most talented and hardworking band in this f*cking planet. 


it was the most perfect thing ever. I’ll never forget it